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    Brian Cumming

    If you're a skydiver who wants to achieve your goals and dreams in the sky then I'd love to help. I'll create you a dedicated plan using proven strategies combining play, targeted training, and specific practice in the tunnel & in the sky.

    I want to meet skydivers who are willing to explore flying. Who want to challenge themselves and be the best they can be. Who are willing to invest in their skills.


    I want to use ALL the sky & ALL the tunnel. If this sounds like you, please get in touch.

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  • "It was so enjoyable! Learnt lots about flying my body, did some sweet moves and most importantly it was SO MUCH FUN! Definitely up for your next coaching session 😁"
    - Sarah Cartface


    Hi Brian, just wanted to say thanks for organising the bwc (BigWaySkills Camp) - exceeded my expectations - definitely the best 5 days jumping I’ve had. Registered again for next year. Time in the tunnel definitely paid huge dividends after my remedial flying in Castellon.

    - Martin Clarke

  • #100PercentColonFree

    If you're looking for my marathon running fundraising page for St Mark's Hospital Foundation it's now here.

  • The Blog

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations direct from the brain of Brian

    The debate between top mount and chin mounted cameras will rage forever now that cameras are small enough for the decision to be personal choice. Personally, if they're done well, I love chin mounts, less snaggy, less likely to be bashed in the plane and if a GoPro, I can see the light showing...
    I saw this post that my friend Casey made on social media (Jan 2023) and I screenshotted it to share. He'd just come back from a short trip to the wingsuit wind tunnel. I can spend all day telling a future client that tunnel is worth it but then I'm biaised. It's my job. And I'm hoping that...
    Social media plays a significant part of how an event is remembered and therefore great photos in the sky AND the ground are more important than ever. Rule #2 of skydive club is “always know where the camera is”*. As part of my goal to leave no skydiver behind, it has come to my attention that,...
  • Brian Cumming

    Sky Fun and Tunnel Jams. And so many cheesy high fives. So many.


    I'd love to fly with you and help make you a better skydiver or just put a big smile on your face. Skydiving and tunnel flying is fun. At least it should be.


    Sky Fun

    - Bigway FS Load Organising

    - Wingsuit Load Organising

    - FS coaching (FS, 4way or bigway)

    - AFF instruction


    Tunnel Jams

    - Dynamic6 FS (www.dynamic6.uk)

    - Dynamic4 FS

    - 4way FS

    - FS1

    - Bigway skills

    - AFF skills and

    - freefly. I really want to get better and I want some friends to fly with on a regular basis.


    Brian Cumming

    - BPA and USPA AFF Instructor

    - >2000 jumps

    - 3x World Records (including)

    -- FS Sequential. 202way 2pts.

    -- WS Large Formation 61way

    - Represented UK at 4wayFS at 2009 World Cup in Prostejov, Czech Republic.

    - Represented UK at 4wayFS at 2011 World Cup in Saarlouis, Germany.

    - A bunch of medals in the lower categories of 4way but none in AAA. Damn, that stuff is hard.

  • Values

    • Easy to do business with
    • Innovative & entrepreneurial
    • Intelligent Laziness. My own brand of efficiency. Why make life hard for yourself? Be efficient. Be an intelligent lazy person.
    • Integrity
    • Intensely customer focussed
    • Profitable
  • Terms and Conditions

    Payments due

    - Bedford tunnel bookings due 73hrs before flying. I have to pay the tunnel 72hrs in advance.

    - iFly tunnel bookings one week.

    - Private coaching is one week.

    If you book onto an event and can no longer make it, I will do my best to find someone to take your place. Or find someone yourself and make it happen. Just let me know.


    Bad weather policy:
    - No refunds if I have travelled to the DZ.
    - 25% refund if I have not travelled.

    - 50% refund with >7days notice.


    Tunnel no fly policy:

    If the tunnel breaks down or further flying is not possible for whatever reason. There are two costs here. 1) The cost of the tunnel and 2) the cost of my coaching. The coaching fee is then split between 2a) the preparation, the brief, the debrief etc and 2b) the actual coaching during the flying.

    - If the tunnel breaks down, there is a full refund on the cost of tunnel not flown and a 50% refund on the cost of the coaching.


    For example, if the tunnel breaks and 80% of the time is not flown you would receive back 80% of the cost of the tunnel (obviously) and 40% back from my coaching fee.


    For example (using round numbers for simplicity):

    30mins tunnel = £300 and 30mins coaching = £50

    Tunnel breaks down after 15mins. That's 50% of the time flown and 50% not flown.

    The refund would therefore be 50% of £300 = £150. and 50%/2= 25% and 25% of £50 = £12.50

    Total refund: £162.50


    (I appreciate this probably isn't the simplest explanation, feel free to suggest a simpler explanation)


    E&OE. Registration fees are your deposits. Non-refundable but can be swapped if you/we find someone to take your place. By coming on trips you are confirming that with appropriate training and encouragement you will be able to safely fly with the intended group. We will do our very best to help you. However, if you're unable to fly in the intended group safely; your approach is uncontrolled, your tracking is inefficient or your canopy control is reckless, or maybe you're just having a bad day, at some point you will be asked to stand down from the group.


    Everything is reported as I've been told. Be aware though that planes can break. Fuel prices can go up. Weather can be shite. Balloons can be taken out by a bird with a sharp beak. DZOs can offer to pay for a 3rd plane to carry one skydiver to altitude solely to get outside video or they can change their minds. Volcanoes, earthquakes, pandemics, locust swarms all happen. Brian is not responsible. Blah blah blah. :-)