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24way Party People 5 - 1Apr2022

1st April 2022


Part1 - 3way (7.5mins = 5x 1m30)

3.1: Star, Open, Open, Open (M,F,F,F in 4way)

3.2: F,Q,F,Q,F,Q (open accordan, phalanx - alternate the person in the middle after every second point)

3.3: Flying Open 

3.4: Star-360-Star, LH Donut, RH Donut

3.5: Flat Weave 

(Top tip: set up facing the doors and touch the glass as you go forwards)


Part2 - Mix it up (6mins = 3x 1m30)

2.1: Verts. Set up facing the doors. High person nods to initiate movement.  

Or if you're feeling bold then Verts with a 180deg turn (or 360deg turn if you're feeling superbold and/or the person beneath you is hard as nails when you land on them)


4.1: F,F,F,F (middle pair RH, LH. New centre pair, RH, LH)

4.2 Q,M,F,C,N (outdoor world record - official 62pts in 35s)

4.3 J,M,E,D,L ( Indoor World Record - unofficial 66pts in 35s)

(Like 8way in Bedford, 4way can be a squeeze in this tunnel, don't forget to fly 'tunnel tight'. Taking upper arm grips and thigh grips (not knees) will give everyone more space. Also maybe consider putting the taller people in the middle of the formation and ensuring lower experience people are infacing as much as possible. Good luck!)



Part3 - 3way (7.5mins = 5x 1m30)

3.6: Q,Q,Q (rotating phalanx)

3.7 3D Docks - 'Pods' or 'Open Donut

Pods (easier, faster, simpler) - 1 person on the net, face close to the glass. 2 behind build a pod. or

Open Donut (more sketchy) - a line of 3 ppl curving round the tunnel wall.

3.8 Alternating Side Weave ('ASW')

3.9 Weave. Flat, or vertical. Or both. 

Note that you only have permission to do the vertical weave if EVERYONE in your team has done it before or is very confident. It's not easy.

3.10 Your choice. How about? 

- more difficult: Flat Weave, Vertical Weave, Goldfish Bowl, Alternating Side Weave

- less difficult: Flat Weave, Goldfish Bowl ASW, Weave 






More info

3.1 Star, Open, Open, Open (very similar to the diagrams but slightly different order.




4.2: Q,M,F,C,N (official Outdoor world record 62pts in 35s)

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4.3:  J,M,E,D,L (unofficial Indoor World Record 66pts in 35s)

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TEAMS for the first 3ways

 Some of you might be a little surprised to be Captains for the first time. I have two things to say. 1. "In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king" and 2. It's collaborative, take advice, ask Brian or Cat for help, listen to your teamies. :-)


TEAMS 4way


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 2ways... pick a partner from your 4way team. :-)


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