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Headcorn Spring Scrambles - 28Mar2022

28th March 2022, iFLY Basingstoke


20mins flying time per team... 7 flights: 6x 1m20 + 1x 2m

Working time: 55s for Rds 1-6 and 1m35 for Rd7


There are three ways to start the clock. 

i. NEW. Everyone touches the wall with a hand and the clock starts when the first grip is released.

ii. If you launch, the clock starts when the first person starts to fly.

iii. if you take ages, the clock will start 15 seconds after you get the thumbs up from the tunnel instructor, ie with 1m05 on the clock left to fly.



1: F,F,F,F 

2: M,O,A,N

3: P,F,Q,M

4: M, 18

5: Side Sliding buffet

6: Goldfish Bowl 

7: Tag team Fig8. (2mins) 



1: FFFF animation here.


2: MOAN. Star, Satellite, Unipod, Crank


3: PFQM. Sidebody, Open Accordian, Phalanx, Star

This is often used for an FS1 qualifying jump. If you don't make 4pts on this jump we may take your FS1 sticker off you. 


4: M, Zircon-Zircon


5: Side Sliding Buffet 

Build a 4way star. Complete break. Two people, facing each other, side slide as far as they can to take a leg grip on the same teammate with their inside hand. Then they side slide the other way and take a leg grip on the other teammate with their inside hand. Then back to the star. Repeat with the other two teammates. 

A point is scored for every time a leg grip is taken by two people with the correct hand. Note that grips do not have to be simultaneous to score a point.

Any questions - please see Fleur or Brian


6: Goldfish Bowl. No grips. 1pt awarded for each complete rotation - as the second person passes back into their home quadrant they score the point. 

Any questions - please see Fleur or Brian


7: Fig8. Two people fly a figure of 8 around two people standing in the tunnel. 1pt for each figure of 8 flown. 2pts if flown backwards. 4pts if flown on your back (note: you MUST be signed off for backflying in the tunnel to attempt this). 

Double points if docked on each other for the entire Fig8. Solo entries are allowed as long as a grip is taken immediately.

 Any questions - please see Fleur or Brian



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