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24way Party People 6 - 6May2022

6th May 2022: Teams & The Draw


Part1 - 6mins = 4x 1m3024wPP

3.1: Star, Open, Open, Open (M,F,F,F in 4way)

3.2: Flying Open

3.3: Rotating Pods 

3.4: Side sliding satellites 

3.5: Star-360-star, LH donut, RH donut


Part2 - 7.5mins = 5x 1m30

3.6: Flat Weave (Top tip: set up facing the doors and touch the glass as you go forwards)

3.7 Goldfish Bowl 

3.8 Alternating Side Weave (Top tip: set up with one person between the doors. If you set up with one person in front of a door - it is much harder to fly there)

3.9 Vertical Weave (Middle goes under)

3.10 Carving (Left x2, Right x2)



Part3 - 3way (6mins = 4x 1m30)

3.11: Q,Q,Q (rotating phalanx)

Simpler: 1 person outfacing

More difficult: 2ppl outfacing


3.12 3D Docks

Simpler - 3D Rotating Pods - 1 person on the net, face close to the glass. 2 ppl behind build a pod. 

More difficult - Open Donut - a line of 3 ppl curving round the tunnel wall.


3.13 Weave/Verts

Simpler - flat weave

More difficult - vertical weave

Sketchy - 'There' - Line up three abreast, facing the doors. End person flies over the other two ppl to the other end of the line. Then the next person flies ‘there’. Repeat.


3.14 You choose. Or Star-360-star, LH donut, RH donut 







More info

3.1 Star, Open, Open, Open (very similar to the diagrams but slightly different order.





TEAMS (Draft v3)

Some of you might be a little surprised to be Captains. I have two things to say. 

1. "In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king" and 

2. It's collaborative, take advice, ask Brian for help, listen to your teamies. :-)


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