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24way Party People 3 - 21Jan2022

21st January 2022


Part1 - 3way (6mins = 4x 1m30)

3.1: Open, Open, Open, Round

3.2: Side Sliding Satellites

3.3: Flat Weave (face the doors)

3.4: Rotating Side Weave


Part2 - Mix it up (4.5mins = 3x 1m30)

2.1: High5 Challenge (2way)

On level. Palm to palm contact. High then low. No holding on to each other. Time stops when the lights flash with 10s to go. Amy is Chief Judge. Appeals are £20. Judge's decision is final.


4.1: N, O, B (Crank, Satellite, Stairstep Diamond) 

4.2 J, A, M (Donut, Unipod, Star)

(Like 8way in Bedford, 4way can be a squeeze in this tunnel, don't forget to fly 'tunnel tight'. Taking upper arm grips and thigh grips (not knees) will give everyone more space. Also maybe consider putting the taller people in the middle and ensuring lower experience people are infacing.)


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Part3 - 3way (6mins = 4x 1m30)

3.5 Weave - horizontal or vertical, or both - you choose. 

Note that you only have permission to do the vertical weave if EVERYONE in your team has done it before. It's not easy.

3.6 Goldfish Bowl (the 'Home' position for starting and ending each movement is a 3way star, without grips. Although if you want to take grips that can make things simpler to understand. 

3.7 3D Pyramids ('Sole inspection')

3.8 Swing Dance - open accordion or closed accordion, or both - you choose. 

Note that the closed accordion is significantly harder to fly that the open accordian. Choose wisely.


Part4 - PowerLap (approx 30mins shared)

2mins D3 demo. Geysir + There&Back(?) 

Everybody gets to PowerLap twice. 


Part5 - PowerLap - THE GRAND FINALE (approx 2mins shared)

The fastest 3 people get race off to be crowned champion.



More info

3.1 below



3.2 Side sliding satellites


3.3 3way Flat Weave



TEAMS for the first 3ways

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TEAMS 2way and 4way

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broken image



TEAMS 3way Part 2


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