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    Big Way Skills Camp


    17-20 May 2024

    Skydive Pink Klatovy, Czechia


    No stress, no blame, learn bigway the right way.

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    BigGER Way Skills Camp

    Multiplane skyvan jumps


    28July - 1Aug 2024

    Skydive Pink Klatovy, Czechia


    The next step.

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    Talent Pool

    15-20 ways

    28July - 1Aug 2024

    Skydive Pink Klatovy, Czechia


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    Jump Like A Pharaoh Vol.7

    Herc C130 | 3 & 6 jump package


    28Oct - 2Nov2024

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    Rookie Rumble

    A fun friendly inspirational 3wayFS competition for newer skydivers.


    Fri 30 & Sat 31 Aug 2024 | Skydive Langar

    Dates may change to avoid 4wayFS Nationals. TBC.


    2024 event website coming soon.


    Open class: everyone welcome

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    RR had a baby and it's name was Starlets. A fun friendly inspirational 3wayFS speed star competition for newer skydivers.


    Fri 26 & Sat 27 Apr 2024 | A DZ near you...


    Open class: everyone welcome no matter h0w many jumps you have.

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    Costa Rica Boogie by Tsunami Skydivers

    The best luxury holiday boogies in the world.


    March 2020 - First ever Maldives boogie

    Feb 2022 - Costa Rica

    Feb 2023 - Costa Rica

    March 2023 - Belize

    March 2024 - Seychelles

    April 2024 - South Africa 'Skyfari'

    Feb 2025 - Costa Rica. Registration opening soon.

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    Extreme Week

    The most extreme boogie in the world. 16 extreme sports. One week.


    Skydive Voss, Norway

  • BigGER Way Skills Camp 2021

    27-30 July 2022, Klatovy, Czech Republic

    Multi-plane 40ways


    Tues 26 warm up day

    Mon 25 tunnel camp day, Prague

    Sun 31 July Boogie Fun Jump day


    Photo: Martin Skrbel, Klatovy, 2020

  • BigWay Skills Camp

    26-29 May 2022, Klatovy, Czech Republic

    Multi-plane 20ways


    Tues 24 tunnel camp day (Prague),

    Weds 25 warm up jump day

    Mon 30 Boogie Fun Jump day

    2018: 4.8⭐/5

    2019: 4.7⭐/5

    2020: 4.8⭐/5

    Read all the (unedited) testimonials here

    Photo: Martin Skrbel, Klatovy, 2020

  • Brit200

    Brit100 was 1999, it's time to go bigger

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    Part 1: 80ways

    I've been dreaming about a Brit 200 way since I learnt what bigway was. The 400way was in 2006 and I followed it as best I could on the internet. Totally engrossed and absorbed albeit details from Thailand were few and far between at the time. Let's make this happen. Somehow. Somewhere.


    My current plan is

    2022 - 80ways, Late Sep/Early Oct... TBC. Perris... TBC.

    2024 - 120ways

    2026 - 200ways


    I'm also done with the world being divisive and polarising. For 2022, I want to make these 80ways inclusive. So in the best traditions of our Rugby Union teams, Let's make this a British and Irish Lions bigway. Let's get this bigway festival started...

    Photo: Gary Wainwright, 217way, Perris


    It's like Bigway but with more of the fun stuff and less of the boring stuff. Events at Langar, across the UK and Europe. And, ahem, Costa Rica. Did I mention I went to Costa Rica? ;-)

    Photo: Bruno Brokken, Tambor Bay,

    Event: Tsunami Exotic Skydiving Boogies

  • Cameraflyers

    I work with some wonderful sky flying photographers.

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    Paul Rimmington

    A northern legend

    The ultimate team player. A total asset. Can't do enough to help. Both before the event, during and after. Always gets the shot I need to coach with, no messing around. Paul has been filming my groups since 2016. Rubbish at replying to requests for profile pictures though.



    Photo by *me*. Hahahahaha

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    Martin Skrbel

    The most enthusiastic

    Relatively new to flying camera but loves to fly and loves to film and is starting to make big waves. Devotes time and money to being a better flyer and a better photographer. The most helpful person you could meet, he even wins prizes for being helpful, and then isn't there to collect the prize because he's left the DZ to help someone.



    Photo by me.

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    Emily Aucutt

    Pure fun

    Emily is just a bundle of pure fun and great to work with. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her willingness to listen and learn is top notch. She was British Skydiving Instructor of the Year 2019 and she applies herself to her camera flying just as thoroughly.



    Photo by Martin Skrbel

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    Pete Harries

    Service with a smile

    Pete has the biggest smile and some wonderfully thoughtful and intriguing ideas about how to incorporate video into the skydive. His smile and attitude is infectious.



    Photo by Chris Cook

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    Dave Clarke

    A pro

    Dave gets flown all around the world to film events by some of the top FS LOs in the world. His flying, camera and editing skills are top notch. Another level up.


    If you can put up with his terrible jokes you should HIRE HIM

    Photo by Rob Lloyd.

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    Tom Shorten


    Tom appears to be a natural flyer but he works hard on his skills. Angle, belly, freefly, he can film it ALL. You want him to carve head down around a formation with it all in frame? Princess is who you go to. A regular cameraflyer for Zion FF at their events. Also a BPA CSI, TI, AFFI and USPA TI and AFFI.



    Photo by Bartek Olejowski.

  • Rookie Rumble

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    Live. Laugh. Love skydiving.

    A fun friendly 3way FS competition for newly qualified skydivers from any Dropzone. Two rookies and one coach per team.

    Rookie competitors must have been qualified for less than two years


    fewer than 200 jumps.

    All competitors MUST have FS1.


    To clarify, if you have 600 jumps and you have been qualified less than two years. Good for you! You can compete.


    If you have been qualified for 5 years but only have 100 jumps. What have you been doing? But you can compete.

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    It's time to go big.

    A five year plan to build a british 200way

    It's been 20 years since we built a 100 way formation. It's time to go big.

    2021 Goals | First step | 80ways

    1) Grow the British bigway scene to support a future 200way attempt.

    2) Build 80ways (from 18.5k from four planes)

    3) Set a British Sequential Bigway Record

    4) Set a British Complete Break Sequential Record

    REGISTER INTEREST HERE (for this and other events)

  • BigWay Skills Camp 2021

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    Learn bigway, the right way

    The best entertainment and education per skydive.


    • Skydivers who want to get bigway current for the summer
    • Skydivers who haven't done multi-plane before
    • Skydivers that want to learn bigway properly
    • Skydivers who want to have a fun trip. Obvs.
    • Skydivers that want a reference for other events



    • Skydivers who want multiple completions.


    This camp isn't about completions. It's about learning the skills required in a no stress atmosphere. As soon as there is an expectation of completions, the stress increases, decisions are rushed and mistakes are more common. No stress. No blame.


    You need to be aware that you will do some jumps in your comfort zone. And then you will be rotated into a slot that you are not comfortable with. 50kg people in the base? 100kg people on the outside? That's what we do. Test yourself.

    There were zero completions in 2018 and 2019. Perfect. But everyone came away more confident about performing under pressure in a traditional bigway environment AND they were all smiling.

    This is how you learn bigway properly.

    All the testimonials. Unedited.

    2020 testimonials

    2019 testimonials

    2018 testimonials

  • Elected Director, British Parachute Association, 2014-2018

    The National Governing Body for Skydiving in the UK www.bpa.org.uk

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    Elected onto the board of directors of the NGB of skydiving in the UK, 2014-2018. With a specific interest in communication. Both from the Board of Directors to the members of the association and also from the members to the Board of Directors. Photo of BPA Board of Directors 2016.

  • FS Load Organiser

    Big moves and funky shapes


    Hire me


    Jump with me

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    Bigway FS skydiving for all experience levels. Lead organiser for the following branded events.
    - Bigway Beginners (BWB XI next)
    - Brit200
    - Bigway Carnival
    Events run at DZs internationally. Photo by Matt Black.

  • Skydiving (AFF) Instructor

    Freelance. Based out of Skydive Langar

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    A British Parachute Association ("BPA") and a United States Parachute Association ("USPA") qualified skydiving instructor. Teaching beginners how to fly safely and with confidence. Primarily based at Skydive Langar but available worldwide. Photo by Ally Milne.