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24way Party People 7 - 10 June 2022

10th June 2022: The Draw (& Teams in due course)


Part1 - 5x 1m15 - PRACTICE

(I'm assuming you'd practice all the competition rounds but it's your time... do what you want!)

Part2 - 5x 1m15 - COMPETITION

Rd1: J Q P

Rd2: N B A

(suggestion: Ignore the picture and fly the B very cheated and with blue in the middle. A bit like a donut... but with the wrong hands.)

Rd3: O K E

Rd4: D H C G 

Rd5: FLM

Formation photos at bottom.

Working time is 50seconds.

The time starts in one of two ways... 1) Build a star and break it to the first point. OR 2) so that we run on schedule... if you spend so long getting ready, we'll start the clock 15 seconds after your flight starts. Please get out promptly. Thank you.


Part3 - 4.5mins = 3x 1m30

3.6: Flat Weave (Top tip: set up facing the doors and touch the glass as you go forwards)

3.7 Goldfish Bowl. (2ppl stay 'still' the other flies around. Take it turns. Clockwise first. Anti-clockwise second. The 2ppl staying still will need to move forwards briefly to touch the glass to give the person flying behind them enough space.

3.8a Alternating Side Weave (Top tip: set up with one person between the doors. If you set up with one person in front of a door - it is much harder to fly there). This is easier and faster to fly.


3.8b Vertical Weave (three in a line, middle goes under). This is more advanced and will involve more crashes. Please make a good decision.


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