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24way Party People 12 - Mon 12 Dec 2022

Mon 12th December 2022: The Draw & Teams - Party People 12



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- Matthew Bundy, Artemiy Ryabinkov, Gordon Wong

- Nino Abolola, John Perkin, Leo O'Neill


- Melanie Oldham, Tom Alabaster, Ross Marlow

- Jeremy Price, Sophie Wright, Jacob Verlander



TIPS Flat Weave Top tip. set up facing the doors and touch the glass as you go forwards

TIPS Alternating Side Weave. Top tip: it is harder to fly directly in front of a door. Set up with one person 'between' the doors. When you fly to that slot, don't finish in front of a door!

TIPS Vertical Weave (three in a line, facing the door, middle goes under). This is more advanced and will involve more crashes. Please make a good decision.