FS Skills

FS Skills

235.00 - 274.03
Valid at Bedford, Manchester and Basingstoke.

Valid for one of the following:
i) BigWay Skills: 54mins flying time (flying 60mins shared as a group of 3)
ii) Post-FS1: 40mins flying time.
iii) Pre-FS1: 20-40mins flying time depending on if you prove safe enough to share time.
iv) AFF: 20mins flying time

Timings for validity at BAS and MAN are a little more complex.

Bank transfer is preferred. If you pay by credit card the charge is 1.4%, please don't let that stop you using a card. There is a 100% voluntary option to cover the transaction fee if you feel like it. No expectations.
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Terms & Conditions
Payments due for tunnel bookings due 73hrs before flying. I have to pay the tunnel 72hrs in advance.

Private coaching is one week.

If you book onto an event and can no longer make it, I will do my best to find someone to take your place. Or find someone yourself and make it happen. Just let me know.

- No refunds if I have travelled to the DZ.
- 25% refund if I have not travelled.
- 50% refund with >7days notice.

 E&OE. Registration fees are your deposits. Non-refundable but can be swapped if you/we find someone to take your place. By coming on trips you are confirming that with appropriate training and encouragement you will be able to safely fly with the intended group. We will do our very best to help you. However, if you're unable to fly in the intended group safely; your approach is uncontrolled, your tracking is inefficient or your canopy control is reckless, or maybe you're just having a bad day, at some point you will be asked to stand down from the group.

 Everything is reported as I've been told. Be aware though that planes can break. Fuel prices can go up. Weather can be shite. Balloons can be taken out by a bird with a sharp beak. DZOs can offer to pay for a 3rd plane to carry one skydiver to altitude solely to get outside video or they can change their minds. Volcanoes, earthquakes, locust swarms, pandemics all happen. Brian is not responsible. Blah blah blah. :-)
Privacy Policy
I will treat your data as if it is my own and keep it safe as best I can. 

I don't collect or store unnecessary data although some registrations forms are in-depth to ensure that I can provide the strongest possible experience for you.