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24way Party People 2 - 3Dec2021

3rd December 2021


3way (6mins = 4x 1m30)

3.1: Open, Open, Open, Round

3.2: Flying Open

3.3: 3Way Flat Weave (face the doors)

3.4: Carving (2x L, 2xR)


2way (1.5mins = 1x 1m30)

2.1: Carving Weave

4way (3mins = 2x 1m30)

4.1: F,F,F,F 

(top tip: centres LH, RH, then the outside 2ppl become the centres, LH, RH and repeat)

4.2 M, 9 

(Like 8way in Bedford, 4way can be a squeeze in this tunnel, don't forget to fly 'tunnel tight'. Take upper arm grips and thigh grips (not knees) will give everyone more space. Also maybe consider putting the taller people in the middle and ensuring the lower experience people are infacing.)


3way (3mins = 2x 1m30)

3.5: 3D docks - triangles

3.6: Goldfish Bowl  (start&end each movement from a star)

PowerLap (approx 12mins shared)

Everybody gets to go twice. 

More info

3.1 below


3.2 below

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3.3 3way Flat Weave (ask Brian)

4.1 Animation here:

Animations for 2.1, 4.2 & 3.5 coming tomorrow. Sorry about that. x

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