• BigWay Skills Camp

    24-27th Jul 2021, Klatovy, Czech Republic

    Multi-plane 20ways


    Thurs 22nd tunnel camp day (Prague),

    Fri 23rd warm up jump day (DZ open with Cessna, skyvans arriving afternoon)

    Weds 28th Boogie Fun Jump day

    2018: 4.8⭐/5

    2019: 4.7⭐/5

    2020: 4.8⭐/5

    Read all the (unedited) testimonials here


    Minimum requirements:

    • 50 jumps post FS1, including at least 15 jumps in the 3 months prior (ie after 1st May).
    • 2hrs tunnel flying and 1hr tunnel in the 3 months prior. 

    Minimum requirements are there to make sure you learn the most from this event (oh, and 'safety'). More is better.

    Photo: Martin Skrbel, Klatovy, 2020

  • NEW - BigGER Way Skills Camp 2021

    29th July-1st Aug 2021, Klatovy, Czech Republic

    Multi-plane 40ways



    Weds 28th warm up day

    Mon 2nd Aug Boogie Fun Jump day


    New for 2021.


    Minimum requirements:

    • 200 jumps including at least 40 jumps in the 6m prior (ie after 1 Feb) 
    • 1hr tunnel in the 3 months prior (ie after 1 May). 
    • a reference, dated after Jan 2020, recommending that you step up to 40ways
    Exceptions: The 200 jumps is mainly a requirement so that we can do O2 jumps as a group. If you have less than 200 jumps total AND you have excellent references you should definitely speak to us about applying. But easier if you have 200 jumps.


    Minimum requirements are there to make sure you learn the most from this event (oh, and 'safety'). More is better.


    Photo: Martin Skrbel, Klatovy, 2020


    It's like Bigway but with more of the fun stuff and less of the boring stuff. Events at Langar, across the UK and Europe.

    April 2021 - Langar Boogie 1
    Late June 2021 - HeliFUN, 24ways from an MI8 helicpoter, Hungary


    Photo: Chris Everitt, Skydive Algarve


  • Brit200

    Brit100 was 1999, it's time to go bigger

    Part 1: 80ways

    I've been dreaming about a Brit 200 way since I learnt what bigway was. The 400way was in 2006 and I followed it as best I could on the internet.Totally engrossed and absorbed albeit details from Thailand were few and far between at the time. Let's make this happen. Somehow. Somewhere.

    Note: old logo. 2020's event did not take place, Sherlock.

    Photo: Gary Wainwright, 2017way, Perris


    Current plan is 80ways Oct 2022, Perris. TBC

  • Cameraflyers

    I work with some wonderful sky flying photographers.

    Paul Rimmington

    A northern legend

    The ultimate team player. A total asset. Can't do enough to help. Both before the event, during and after. Always gets the shot I need to coach with, no messing around. Paul has been filming my groups since 2016. Rubbish at replying to requests for profile pictures though.



    Photo by *me*. Hahahahaha

    Martin Skrbel

    The most enthusiastic

    Relatively new to flying camera but loves to fly and loves to film and is starting to make big waves. Devotes time and money to being a better flyer and a better photographer. The most helpful person you could meet, he even wins prizes for being helpful, and then isn't there to collect the prize because he's left the DZ to help someone.



    Photo by me.

    Emily Aucutt

    Pure fun

    Emily is just a bundle of pure fun and great to work with. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her willingness to listen and learn is top notch. She was British Skydiving Instructor of the Year 2019 and she applies herself to her camera flying just as thoroughly.



    Photo by Martin Skrbel

    Pete Harries

    Service with a smile

    Pete has the biggest smile and some wonderfully thoughtful and intriguing ideas about how to incorporate video into the skydive. His smile and attitude is infectious.



    Photo by Chris Cook

    Dave Clarke

    A pro

    Dave gets flown all around the world to film events by some of the top FS LOs in the world. His flying, camera and editing skills are top notch. Another level up.


    If you can put up with his terrible jokes you should HIRE HIM

    Photo by Rob Lloyd.

    Tom Shorten


    Tom appears to be a natural flyer but he works hard on his skills. Angle, belly, freefly, he can film it ALL. You want him to carve head down around a formation with it all in frame? Princess is who you go to. A regular cameraflyer for Zion FF at their events. Also a BPA CSI, TI, AFFI and USPA TI and AFFI.



    Photo by Bartek Olejowski.

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Payments due for tunnel bookings due 73hrs before flying. I have to pay the tunnel 72hrs in advance.

Private coaching is one week.

If you book onto an event and can no longer make it, I will do my best to find someone to take your place. Or find someone yourself and make it happen. Just let me know.

- No refunds if I have travelled to the DZ.
- 25% refund if I have not travelled.
- 50% refund with >7days notice.

 E&OE. Registration fees are your deposits. Non-refundable but can be swapped if you/we find someone to take your place. By coming on trips you are confirming that with appropriate training and encouragement you will be able to safely fly with the intended group. We will do our very best to help you. However, if you're unable to fly in the intended group safely; your approach is uncontrolled, your tracking is inefficient or your canopy control is reckless, or maybe you're just having a bad day, at some point you will be asked to stand down from the group.

 Everything is reported as I've been told. Be aware though that planes can break. Fuel prices can go up. Weather can be shite. Balloons can be taken out by a bird with a sharp beak. DZOs can offer to pay for a 3rd plane to carry one skydiver to altitude solely to get outside video or they can change their minds. Volcanoes, earthquakes, locust swarms, pandemics all happen. Brian is not responsible. Blah blah blah. :-)
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